Here is some information about our handicap system.

The maximum handicap is 28.

At the end of each event, the top 3 places will be cut: 1st – 3 shots; 2nd – 2 shots; and 3rd – 1 shot. If the winner has 40 points or more, then they will receive an additional 1 point cut.

The lowest score will get 1 shot back if the field is 0-9 players; the lowest 2 players will get 1 shot back for fields of 10-19; and for fields of 20 plus then the lowest 3 players will get a shot back.

There is no average for the day.

2023 Onwards

From 2023 we will use the WHS handicap system for all event competitions.
Club or iGolf members will be able to use their England Golf WHS index.
If you are not a club member please sign up to iGolf to start the process of getting your official WHS handicap.
Members who do not have an official WHS handicap are welcome to play but will not be eligible to win events.